Video production

With a First Class Honours in Film Production, I have a wide range of experience in camera operation, audio recording, editing, motion graphics, scriptwriting

Key skills
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Motion graphics with Adobe After Effects
  • Camera operation and audio recording
  • Audio editing in Adobe Audition
A highlight video from the past year on my Wildlife filmmaking vlog, WildlifeBox.

A lot of my current video work is on my Wildlife Filmmaking website and Youtube channel. I produce regular videos by filming, editing and producing motion graphics for the channel.

A short wildlife vlog from a camping trip in 2020.

This video below in 2016 kicked off my WildlifeBox channel, and received over 3,000 views. Since then I have produced over 25 videos on the channel with more videos planned over the coming year.

My first WildlifeBox video, after attending a Wildlife Filmmaking course in 2016.

An example of my motion graphics work. This was a short animation produced in Adobe After Effects, and showed the effects of deforestation on a group of woodland animals. It has received over 21,000 views on Youtube:

Motion graphics video produced in vector graphics program, Inkscape, and Adobe After Effects

Game design

After studying a game design module at university, I taught myself coding in Gamemaker Studio and process of designing good games and game graphics

Key skills
  • Coding in Gamemaker Studio 2 (For Windows, Android and HTML5 export)
  • Creating game sprites (both vector and raster graphics)
  • Good understanding of game design theory and game design documentation
Screenshot of the gameplay of action game, Dragon Dive.

I created this fast-paced, action game, Dragon Dive for a game development website, I coded, designed and created the graphics for this game.

The menu screen for Dragon Dive

I also built a series of educational games. This one below is a variation on the traditional concept of hangman and is instead called "Walk the Plank" where the player must solve increasingly more complex words and advance across a pirate's map.

Gameplay of puzzle game, Walk the Plank.
Map screen of Walk the Plank.

I have also developed brain training games, such as this memory test game below. It featured three difficulty levels and badges after completing each level.

Screenshot of gameplay of Memory Test game.